Custom homes that capture your lifestyle with functional, inspired design.

For over 10 years, T-K Group has helped clients realize their unique vision for a custom home, designing their dream space with timeless and distinctive charm. 

T-K Group Home Building Inspiration

From inspiration to completion

The talented team members at T-K Group will guide you through the process of designing and building your dream home from preliminary designs to the day of the final walk through. We are with you every step of the way.

We have a tried and true process to ensure all of the desires for your home are heard. We don’t rush the process; we make sure you’re happy and confident at every stage. 

Designer and builder

We are the complete package. Jeff Kotrba, founder of T-K Group, is both a designer and licensed builder — which means he knows the home-building process inside and out. His work is a blend of vision, cultivated skills, and jobsite experience. His designs are informed by his builder expertise, ensuring there are no surprises when designs transform from sketches on paper to rooms you can walk through.

T-K Group Architect and Builder Jeff Kotrba

T-K Group Example Home Design

engaging, comfortable spaces

Custom luxury home design is, at its core, the arrangement of space, both artistically and functionally. It’s important to balance form and function, using innovation to create inspirational and enjoyable spaces. Natural light, geometry, and materials should all work together to create harmony in every room of a house.

This harmony should also extend beyond the walls of your home. We consider the spaces within the home as well as without, planning how the house will sit on the land, the views from windows, and possible outdoor living space. Whether it’s the multi-room connections fostered by an open floor plan, or the built-in furniture and flow of outside to inside space of Prairie Architecture, we understand how to craft engaging and comfortable spaces.

Social Entrepreneurship

For T-K Group, giving back means helping others move forward. Since the beginning, we have sought ways to use the success of T-K Group to help others.

A portion of all T-K Group revenue is donated to select charities. We are currently supporting RainCatchers, an organization in Haiti that relies on donations and hard-working volunteers to build sustainable rainwater collection systems in mountainous and rural regions in Haiti. As well Homes of Hope which offer quality homes to the world's poorest communities. 

We are proud that T-K Group’s success makes more than just a difference in the lives of our clients—it also touches the lives of those in need of basic necessities like clean water and quality housing.