Jeff Kotrba- Michigan Architect and Home Designer

Jeff Kotrba

For over two decades, Jeff has been involved in the various aspects of the construction industry. A graduate from Lawrence Technological University's architecture program in 2006, Jeff is also the owner and principle operator of T-K Group. 

Construction Services

Building a custom house is a big process and you deserve a residential builder who is trustworthy and experienced. Let T-K Group bring your dream home to life. Our trusted team of quality contractors delivers exceptional work. We understand that you want your home to be perfect, down to the studs and insulation between walls that no one will see--and so do we. It's that commitment to quality at every stage of the build process that helps set us apart amongst custom luxury home builders.

drafting Services

Whether you're an architect or designer who wants assistance drafting, or you merely want to increase the number of projects you draft without hiring a CAD designer full time, look no further than T-K Group. We're equipped with the experience necessary to service all your drafting needs. 


We don't keep owner Jeff in a high tower, unreachable by clients. Jeff is present for each meeting of the collaborative process with clients. 

In addition to the design documents, we can provide all the requisite documents for construction.