Orchestrating the Harmony of Home

A topnotch builder is much like a topnotch conductor—when they direct and communicate with the myriad players of the profession, the result is absolute harmony.

As the builder for our clients, we are dedicated to their vision with sound communication, organizational, and management skills to craft one-of-a-kind homes without surprises and disappointments along the way due to lack of communication between homeowner, builder, architect, and subcontractors.

Here are just some of the aspects of building a custom luxury home that we manage as the builder.

Custom Home Builders Cost & Scope

Monitor Cost & Scope

When we provide builder services, we can ensure a home can be built in the most efficient and cost-effective manner from the start. We are on site to help projects stay within budget, and to offer insight on possible and worthy upgrades. By managing project scope, we keep homes on schedule and prevent major delays due to project additions or changes. 

Custom Home Builders Manage Contractors

Manage contractors

With our advanced knowledge of building systems—like electrical and plumbing—structures, and materials, we engage quality contractors to guarantee superior work. We are also on hand to approve change orders as well as order, inspect, and approve all delivered materials. Finally, we review the operation and maintenance of a home and its systems with the owner.

Custom Home Builders Act As Liaisons

act as liaison

Not only are contractors and craftsmen involved in the building of a home, but also lenders, inspectors, local government agencies, and title companies. For all of those involved parties, we are your advocate and liaison. From submitting pay requests to the bank, to providing lien release waivers and obtaining the final certificate of occupancy, we work to provide a smooth and uncomplicated experience, start to finish. 

A Passion for Integrity

A custom home from T-K Group not only possesses structural integrity, but design integrity as well. The vision for a home is as unique as its owner. An architect is in the craft of being true to those unique styles and designing a home of character and grace. This is a challenge that we have a great passion for. 

Michigan Architects Collaboration
Michigan Custom Homes Collaboration


Architecture is an art, but unlike many other artistic disciplines, it involves collaboration. From the moment we sit down with clients, we are listening, we are problem solving, we are collaborating. The process of designing a house can feel daunting, but not when a designer, supported by a team of skilled professionals, involves, consults, and inspires the owners through dedicated, one-on-one communication. 

Architects Michigan Composition
Home Composition - Michigan Home Builders
Custom Home Design Composition


An eye for design and composition should be married with an understanding of environmental elements to achieve a unity of style. Classical and romantic elements can be present in a home with modern and geometric lines if the design has carefully considered each element and its relationship to the space.

With extensive knowledge of commanding and classic design styles, including Craftsman, French Country, Prairie, Mission Revival, Shingle Style, and Tuscan Villa to name only a few, T-K Group can pursue creative possibilities within any style. 

T-K Group Custom Homes
Custom Home Floor Plan